City sets target to take lead in computing power


20231207 City sets target to take lead in computing power.jpg

The National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center. Zhong Xi

SHENZHEN released an action plan for high-quality development of its computing power infrastructure for 2024-2025 on Tuesday, amid its push to foster the new industrialization and digital economy.

The plan aims to construct a high-quality development pattern for computing power infrastructure, which will be technologically advanced, logically laid out, demand-matched, secure, reliable, and environmentally friendly, and to build Shenzhen into a benchmark for computing network development, according to the city’s industry and information technology bureau.

As per the plan, which proposes 20 specific measures in seven aspects, the city’s data center rack size will reach 500,000 standard racks by 2025. The city also aims to achieve a general computing power of 14 EFLOPS (FP32), intelligent computing power of 25 EFLOPS (FP16), and supercomputing power of 2 EFLOPS (FP64).

EFLOPS is a unit of measure for computer speed, with one EFLOPS system completing 1 quintillion floating-point operations per second.

The plan also proposes to promote the planning and construction of new data centers and achieve low-carbon development by adopting various green energy-saving technologies to upgrade existing data centers. (Shenzhen Daily)